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Donald Gillette   Senior Wine Specialist

Yes, the rumors are true, I have been selling wine retail since the Flood. My tasting notebooks began accumulating sometime around 1972. People say that my opinions are strong and I confess that I spend little time on the fence. If there is a desert island somewhere, stocked with old Riesling, I shall retire there.

I first began tasting and selling wine in Santa Barbara more than thirty years ago. I liked the job from the beginning and enjoy it even more working in San Francisco. During my first fifteen years in the industry I tasted and sold wines from around the world, learning to appreciate the best examples from Europe's great appellations, while experiencing first hand the explosive growth of our local wine industry. Since 1988 I have sold small production California wines almost exclusively. My first and most important function at NVWE is to taste wine.

I evaluate wine in a straightforward, orderly manner. I first survey impressions of scent, then flavor and it's ability to linger on the palate; then I progress to the wine's mouthfeel and textural impact; this leads to decisions about its varietal accuracy, internal harmony and overall appeal. All these impressions are tallied before I make judgments concerning its value, appropriate drinking times, market demand or appropriateness for our store.


Kristen Leonardini  Wine Sales

I have been raised to enjoy food and wine. I love different varietals and especially like matching them with first courses.

I have been at the Napa Valley Winery Exchange since the day we opened the doors. I have a practical approach to the wine tasting, drinking and buying. I don't look for chemical components in wine or dissect a wine to the point where I can't enjoy it. If a wine is good, I will drink it. If a wine is not so great, well that's another story. One of my favorite times for wine is when I am either cooking, eating or getting together with family. There is a place for wine in everyone's life and I can help you whether you are looking to consume, collect or give wine as a gift.


John Sumners   General Manager

Being originally from the Hoosier State, one would expect a propensity for basketball and corn-dogs. But as fate would have it, I instead gravitated toward classical music and fine wine.

After surviving a six-year stint in the cutthroat NYC restaurant business, I set my sights on the West Coast.  Sunny days, foggy nights, exquisite food, and a world of beautiful wines beckoned. I brought my sommelier experience and wine knowledge with me to Napa Valley Winery Exchange. Fortunately for my colleagues and customers, I left the hard-edged attitude back East.


Midori Iwamoto    Director, Wine Sales, Japan

I have been with NVWE for more than 7 years. Utilizing my mother tongue, I help Japanese customers at the store so often when they need some assistance to select wine:) I am so happy that we have so many repeated Japanese customers who enjoy California Wines! 

WSET Certified Advanced 



Yukari Matsuhisa  Marketing / Media, Japan

こんにちは。由香里です。長野県の田舎で生まれ。山と田んぼとリンゴ畑に囲まれて育った、筋金入りの田舎っ娘。 大自然の中でのんびり伸び伸び培った五感で(たまに第6感で)、ビビビッと感じたことを最優先に行動する感覚人間。 感性に従って生きてきたところ、気づいたら私の五感が一番喜ぶモノ=ワインになっていました。

渡米して間もなく、サンタバーバラへ小旅行に行き、そこで飲んだピノノワールに感動して以降、カリフォルニアワインにすっかりどっぷりハマり、今日に至っています。 ワインのクオリティはもちろん、ワインの作り手さんやワイナリーそのものについて、知れば知るほど、ワイン1本1本に込められた愛情の大きさ・深さを実感する日々。 「ワインとは・・・愛だよねぇ~。」なんて大真面目に思いながら、一口一口、1杯1杯・・・気づけばボトルが空いている毎日。

美味しいものも大好き。食いしん坊万歳! その日開けたワインと、作ったお料理のペアリングがうまくいったときは、ものすごくテンションが上がります。 お気に入りの音楽を流しながら、美味しいワインとおいしいお料理を、おしゃべりしながらゆっくりと時間をかけて楽しむのが何よりの至福の時。 週末には、お気に入りのレストラン(リストは増え続ける一方・・・)で、美味しいワインとお料理に舌鼓をうつ日々。