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High-Rollers Chardonnay Club

Shipped September 2016

2013 Albatross Ridge Chardonnay “Estate” Carmel Valley Monterey
This wine's complex perfume of baked Gravenstein apple, white peach pit, quince, pineapple core, mock orange blossom, vanilla wafer, baking-spice and toasted hazelnut rolls-out with seductive richness. There is a delightful and sophisticated piquancy on the palate, where nut husk, peach pit and chalky mineral notes counterpoint juicy-rich notes of baked apple, white peach, peach pit, quince jelly and pineapple core, above a rich undercurrent of honey, hazelnut, vanilla and mineral salts. If three years from its peak, it is delicious now and just cries out for luxuriously sauced entrees. 410 cases made.

2014 Ch. Igai Takaha Chardonnay “Samurai” Santa Rita Hills
Very ripe and almost heady-rich, this full-tilt Chardonnay delivers aromas of yellow peach, baked apple, lychee fruit, pineapple soufflé, coconut milk and white pepper over quieter vanilla, brioche and straw notes. On the palate, it proves as grand-scale in texture as expected and as flavorful, with peach, baked apple, preserved lemon, pineapple core, mango, lychee, white pepper, coconut cream, vanilla wafer, toasted grain and some smoky mineral hints all vying for attention at the end. Built for service with the richest and most flavorful entrees, it is ready to go. 183 cases produced.

2013 Chasseur Chardonnay Lorenzo Vineyard Russian River Valley
This is textbook Chasseur, opulent and mouth-coating, yet classy. The nose is a luxurious mix of tarte tarin, yellow peach, Asian pear, pineapple core, preserved lemon, pastry crust, nutmeg and baking-spice scents. The texture is plush and palate-coating, yet there is supporting minerality and zest to keep the cascade of peach, guava, quince, baked apple, pineapple core, nutmeg, cardamom, baking-spice, brioche and hazelnut flavors in dinner-balance. Everything is bright, flavorful and richly textured to the very end. Ready to enjoy. it will stand up to the richest entrees. 100 cases made.

2015 La Voix Chardonnay “Here and Heaven” John Sebastiano Vineyard Santa Rita Hills
Steve Clifton’s new Chardonnay is a portrait of quiet elegance, in stark contrast to the ferociously intense wines he helped craft at Brewer-Clifton. The aromas are a youthfully subtle mix of quince, lemon curd, baked apple, white peach, mock orange, vanilla cream and meringue scents, with a wisp of Thai basil in the background. White peach, baked apple, Bosc pear, Canary melon, orange souffle, white pepper and chestnut flavors find a pretty harmony on the palate. The finish is genteel and lingering and the wine is a pleasure to drink already. 92 cases produced.

2014 Talley Chardonnay Rosemary’s Vineyard Arroyo Grande Valley
Rosemary’s is always Talley’s most flamboyant Chardonnay and the 2014 is true to form. The nose is opulent, yet beautifully focused, and the aromas roll-out as a plush mix of fresh Fuji apple, baked apple, white peach tart, lemon zest, pineapple core, white pepper and baking-spice, with a hint of Marzipan in the background. If clearly youthful, it is bright, polished and already creamy on the palate, where the dominant apple and white peach flavors rise above a supporting cast that includes orange zest, lemon marmalade, pineapple core, yellow rose, brioche, vanilla wafer and hazelnut. Zest and drying mineral elements bring the lingering finish into food-worthy balance. Just delicious already, it will grow more so for several more years 438 cases produced.

2013 Tyler Chardonnay Sanford & Benedict Vineyard Santa Rita Hills
A wine with a perfume to match it’s fine pedigree, this lovely Chardonnay opens with truly elegant aromas of spiced baked apple, lemon drop, green plum, pear skin, orange blossom, toasted grain, toasted nuts and minerals. It is sleek and polished on the palate, where quince jam, apple, lemon sorbet, green plum, pear skin, chamomile, baking-spice and toasted hazelnut flavors fan-out over a subtle mineral undercurrent. The finish is super-long and delightfully feminine. This already delicious bottling will be a stunning match for the more elegant seafood entrees, and it should improve for another eighteen to twenty-four months. 150 cases produced.


Shipped June 2016

2013 Camino Chardonnay Sobranes Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands
Here is yet another proof that the Sobranes Vineyard is a great home for Chardonnay. Rich, harmonious and bright, the nose marries scents of white peach, baked green apple, lemon and orange blossom, pineapple core, lemon cream pie, white rose, white pepper and toasted hazelnut into an enchanting perfume. It is sleek, yet creamy on the palate, where flavors of lemon and lime zest, peach pie, apple skin, white pepper, brioche, allspice and toasted hazelnut fan-out. The finish is lingering and polished and the dinner-worthy balance reminds of fine Meursaut. Lovely now, it will be even better in another twelve to twenty-four months. 75 cases produced.

2014 Paul Lato Chardonnay “East of Eden” Pisoni Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands
If years from its full loveliness, this streamlined beauty is already gorgeous and its aromatic profile is a textbook expression of Santa Lucia Highlands fruit. Its perfume of lemon sorbet, fresh pear, white peach, pineapple core, kumquat marmalade, white rose, beeswax, brioche, toasted grain and white pepper is sweet-natured and beautifully focused, yet it is stiffened by it’s own vibrant zest and by a hard, chalk-like, undercurrent. The flavors that follow are tightly-coiled, but penetrating, as the mineral notes provide strong contrast to the wine’s core of lemon sorbet, apple, pear liqueur and peach. The finish is rich and lingering while the texture is sleek and the finish cutting-dry. A joy already with seared scallops, it will be a stunner in five to eight years. 98 cases made.

2013 Liquid Farm Chardonnay “Golden Slope” Santa Rita Hills
This “richest barrels” blend is once again a delight. The aromas are creamy-zesty and stylish, with scents of white peach, green apple, lemon sorbet, lemon curd, pink grapefruit, mock orange, sweet vanilla and honey finding harmony. It is downright tongue-coating in the mouth, where a charming mix of lemon, peach, pineapple core, fresh green and red apple and pear skin flavors are accented by notes of nutmeg, white pepper and vanilla cream pie and gain a drying contrast from a chalky mineral undercurrent. If ultra-long and creamy to the end, it finishes almost piquantly dry. Super now, it will be more so in eighteen to twenty-four months. A blend of six vineyards, 936 cases produced.

2014 Mayacamas Chardonnay Estate Mount Veeder Napa Valley
Possibly the finest Mayacamas Chardonnay since the 1970s, this is a brilliant and age-worthy bottling. Elegance and richness are equal partners in the nose, where a deep core of spiced baked apple and white peach gains further richness from notes of lemon-pineapple souffle, vanilla cream pie and nutmeggy custard. In the mouth it is racy yet palate-coating, with youthful reserve and quiet acidity taming the opulence of its dried peach, dried apple, fresh apple skin, lemon curd, pie crust and vanilla wafer flavors. Quite long and already super delicious, the finish offers a representation of what the wine may become given three or four more years of cellar-time.

2015 Melville Chardonnay “Clone 76 - Inox” Santa Rita Hills
Bright, exotic, concentrated, focused, brilliantly balanced and distinctive, this is likely the best Inox bottling Melville has produced. The nose contrasts fruity aromas of lemon sorbet, peach pit, white peach, fresh green apple, guava and lime oil with others of nut husks, celery seeds and river-stone minerality. It is tongue-coating rich in the mouth, yet shows a much stronger mineral character and cutting zest in counter-point. The finish is a lingering cascade of lemon sorbet, Fuji apple, red apple skin, green plum, yellow peach, canteloupe, pistacio, bees wax, white rose, cucumber and oyster shell flavors that are bone-chilling dry. Made without barrel contact, 350 6-packs made.

2014 Ridge Vineyards Chardonnay Estate Monte Bello Vineyard Santa Cruz Mountains
Focused, deep and elegantly spicy, the nose of this terrific bottling melds scents of citron, lemon marmalade, spiced apple, white peach, vanilla wafer and some hard-edged mineral notes into a penetrating yet never heavy perfume. It is as deeply fruity on the palate, where fresh red apple, lemon sorbet, apple skin, white peach, peach pit, vanilla, toasted grain and mineral flavors come on strong and linger. Absolutely delicious right now, it is likely three years from it’s full expression. 3361 cases produced.


Shipped March 2016

2012 Hartford Court Chardonnay Stone Cote Vineyard Sonoma Coast
As luxurious in oak treatment as expected from this producer, this bottling has the fruit intensity to reward the extra time in barrel. In the nose, fruit scents of baked apple, golden fig, lemon curd, tangerine zest, Asian pear, yellow rose and pineapple make a lovely marriage with others of brioche, toasted hazelnut, nutmeg and vanilla wafer. There is a firming core of zest on the palate, which elevates flavors that perfectly replicate the aromas through a classy and lingering finish. Already worthy of the classic French seafood dishes it’s opulence cries out for, it will be more so in another year or so. 660 6-packs made.

2012 Chasseur Chardonnay “Graton’s Choice” Russian River Valley
This is a rich and layered Chardonnay, full of fruity-spicy contrasts. The nose marries scents of peach, apple, golden fig and Asian pear with notes of lemon custard, pineapple core and a hint of orange marmalade: the whole supported by creamy suggestions of vanilla wafer, baking spices and toasted hazelnut. On the palate, there is creamy a rush of youthful fruit and oaky spice balanced by plenty of citric zest. The balance of richness and youthful brightness makes the finish ultra rewarding, and if destined to improve for at least another year, it should prove a luxurious dinner companion already. 21 barrels produced.

2013 Pellet Estate Chardonnay Sunchase Vineyard Sonoma Coast
Both rich and slightly exotic, the nose of this expressive bottling quickly unveils aromas of Fuji apple, white peach, pineapple core, yellow rose, mock orange, brioche, vanilla wafer and a hint of toasted coconut. There is a more stylish palate-feel that the aromas suggest, yet all the promised flavors are forthcoming and lingering, with notes of cantaloupe and coconut cream pie added-on at the finish. Delicious by itself, it will find harmony with a wide variety of fish and fowl entrees. 175 cases produced.

2013 Radio Coteau Chardonnay Savoy Vineyard Anderson Valley Mendocino
Big-scale from start to finish, this is nevertheless a well-balanced wine which has the zest and mineral counterpoints to carry it’s weight. The nose is creamy-rich, with fruit notes of baked apple, white peach Asian pear, tangerine zest, pineapple core and white rose, over vanilla wafer, brioche, hints of white pepper and some “river stone” minerality. It is as creamy as expected on the palate, with huge body and apple, peach pineapple, citrus, vanilla cream pie and toasted hazelnut flavors that linger. If better next year, if gives lots of rich pleasure right now. 400 cases made.

2013 Peirson Meyer Chardonnay Charles Heintz Vineyard Sonoma Coast
Creaminess and citric spice are counter-pointed  in this lovely Chardonnay. The nose marries rich white and yellow peach notes to equally plush scents of pineapple soufflé, vanilla cream pie, toasted nuts and coconut, with orange and lemon zest notes adding background spice. Things are as complex and juicy on the palate, where ripe peach, tarte tatin, golden fig and Asian pear flavors rise toe to toe with others of lemon curd, pineapple soufflé, brioche, nutmeg, lemon zest and some orange marmalade and toasted coconut. Lingering and balanced, despite all the richness, this one should get better and better over the next two years. It deserves the companionship of full flavored entrees. 200 cases produced.

2004 Kathryn Kennedy Sparkling Blanc de Blanc “Cuvee 27" Santa Cruz Mountains
Delicious, wonderfully aromatic, exquisitely balanced and altogether distinctive, this is an absurdly underpriced bubbly. The nose is an enchanting perfume of sweet apple sauce, apple skin, yellow peach pit, white peach, yellow rose, and honeysuckle wrapped in cashmere-like layers of chestnut honey, toasted meringue, creme brûlée and a suggestions of marzipan. It is airily feminine and surprisingly zesty-minerally on the palate, where the texture has a sleek raciness to counterpoint the wines penetrating flavors of Meyer lemon zest, fresh apple, white peach, quince sorbet and it’s “riverstone” mineral undercurrents. The finish poises bright lemon-mineral notes versus a lingering wave of white peach, chestnut honey, hazelnut and creme brûlée  Ready to drink, it is aristocratic from start to finish. 600 6-packs produced. This wine is disgorged as needed!